Thursday, April 3, 2014

Year 2: Digital Tools - Head Model

Assignment: using two drawings of a character you've designed, create a 3D model of a head. 

I have no idea what the best way to show a 3D model is, but here's a screenshot. My beloved Daraga (from such classics as Weight Lift & Toss and Weight Lift & Toss [Animated])

Year 2: Layout - Stagecoach

Assignment: draw a dumb stupid old-timey western stagecoach pulled by 6 dumb stupid BDSM horses. 
Are there perspective issues? Sure. Are the horses even proportioned like horses? Probably not. Is that dude really a cowboy? Well, I don't see how that's any of your business.

Year 2: Character Design - Character Series

Assignment: using a character designed for a previous assignment, create a series of drawings in which the character sneaks towards an object, gleefully obtains it, and is guiltily caught in the act. 

I know, this one is pretty lame, but I haven't had time to really put my heart into school lately. Finished in 3 hours! Later I'll make a post to show what I've been working on outside of class so you don't think I'm a TOTAL slacker.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Year 2: Character Design - Theme Design

Assignment: design four characters (Hero, Love Interest, Villain, and Comic Relief) within a researched genre.

I really liked this assignment! I've been really, really focused on animating lately so I put this off until the last minute, but I cranked out the entire thing in five hours and still got some sleep before class. I've spent so much time in Maya lately I forgot how much I like drawing!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Year 2: Animation - Lip Sync

Assignment: select one of the provided voice clips and hand-draw a mouth with teeth, lips, and a tongue speaking the dialogue. 

I decided really quickly that putting too much effort into a lip sync with just the lips will drive a person mad, so here's about a day's work (including the time it took to sit through all of Pretty Woman)

Year 2: Animation - Walk/Run (Part 3)

Assignment: Animate your contrasting characters in a run cycle. 

I kept telling myself I would clean this up before I posted it, but it's been a month I haven't even tried, so... Here ya go!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Year 2: Layout - Three Shot Narrative

Assignment: select a previous layout and develop it into three narrative shots; an exterior establishing shot, a medium two shot, and a close up.

This assignment was SO rushed. I spent about forty minutes on the first, thirty on the second, and fifteen on the last which I will not be showing you. Just try to envision a close up of the short lady staring up at the taller with tears brimming in her eyes. Only really, really bad.

Still, I sort of like them. I think I prefer to work fast.